SolEol is a useful application that searches and downloads subtitles comfortably. Download SolEol for free and don't lose time searching for film subtitles

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SolEol is an application that will allow you to download and upload subtitles from the OpenSubtitles service. Each day there are more and more films and series in foreign languages available, making it even more essential to have an application like SolEol. This software only requires that you indicate the file that you have and the language that you want the subtitles in.

Download subtitles for your movies and series

In only a few minutes, SolEol is capable of finding and downloading the subtitle files of any series or film provided that they are available on the services that it checks. Thus, just after any new film or series is launched its subtitles will be available to download. With this software you'll be able to quickly obtain them and without having to search exactly for what you need. SolEol will do it for you!

The great amount of subtitle files available on the Internet make it almost impossible to find the one that suits your file, that's why downloading SolEol for free is the perfect solution to have all the subtitles that you require ordered on your PC without major problems.

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Antony Peel
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