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Solitaire Greatest Hits is a pack of card games based on Solitaire. Pleny of entertainment on your PC once you download Solitaire Greatest Hits for free

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One of the favorite genres that most users enjoy on their computers are usually card games, especially solitaire and poker games. Up to now Mac users hadn't been able to enjoy a collection of solitaire games similar to those that are available for other platforms.

  Solitaire Greatest Hits brings the best one-player card games to your Mac. The game uses a simple interface and includes various game modes, that increase with each new version of the program.

  The visual aspect is rather simple (but that's exactly what the game requires) and it's very lightweight, allowing us to always keep it open while we work with our computer.

  Solitaire Greatest Hits will allow us to configure various of the game's aspects, like the color combination or the viewing mode.

  If you still don't have a good collection of "office games" for Mac, start off by downloading this complete collection of solitaires.
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Last week
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