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Solitaire Kings is a straightforward and fairly accurate version of the solitaire card game that shines for the simplicity of its control and graphics

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If anything made Windows popular among millions of users, it was its version of the solitaire card game, helping to make it known to millions of people around the world. Everybody has played a few games with Microsoft's game or with one of the countless versions that circulate the world.

The card game returns in its most classic version

For those expecting to find in Solitaire Kings a revolutionary version of solitaire, keep looking because you will not find it here. And it is precisely the detail of its developers to preserve the essence of this card game that makes it stand out among many of its versions.

Not surprisingly, we will not find convoluted game modes, multiple options for games, or the latest in graphics and animations; it has focused on offering a simple and practical gaming experience, focusing the user on the action. That is to say, to place the cards in stairs alternating the colors to finally place them in their corresponding place.

The control is simple since it is enough to drag the cards to the specific place where we want to place them or to touch once on them so that the app ultimately places them in their place. The difficulty level will increase progressively, starting with simple games, but as we progress, the game will become more complicated.

A highly recommended game for anyone who wants nothing more than to pass the time with a classic solitaire game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
6 months ago
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