SongReader is perfect if you want to have the lyrics of your favorite songs at hand. Download SongReader for free and listen to songs with their lyrics

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SongReader is an audio player that is capable of creating and managing the lyrics of your favorite songs. And, what's more, it allows you to synchronize each sentence to emulate a simple Karaoke on your computer.

   The steps that you have to follow to use SongReader are the following: 1. Once installed, load the songs that you want to synchronize their lyrics onto the player.
2. Download the lyrics of each song from the Internet and place them in a text file or manage to get the SRL extension files.
3. Import the TXT or SRL file and in the window where the lyrics are shown input the tempo that correspond to each sentence by pressing “Edit”.

   When any of the songs that you have added the lyrics to are played, you will be able to see the corresponding lyrics on fullscreen and Karaoke mode, perfectly synchronized so that you don't loose the rhythm.

   The application requires quite a lot of time to perform the lyrics input and to adjust the tempos, that have to be adjusted manually.
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