Songsmith is a program to create musical accompaniment based on our voice. Download Songsmith for free and manage to create accompaniments for your songs

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Songsmith is a peculiar application with which you'll be able to generate musical accompaniment based on what you sing, in other words, Songsmith will accompany your voice with music that it will create instantly with the arrangements and harmonies that it deems most appropriate for your voice. You'll only have to sing through the microphone to obtain music accompaniment.

  When you start to create a new song, you'll have to choose the style that you want, start recording, and sing. Songsmith will analyze your voice and will create the harmonies that best suit the features of your voice. The result will be surprising and entertaining. You'll be able to edit and modify the result, and when you like what the song sounds like, you'll be able to export it as WMA, WAV or MIDI.

  Songsmith adds beats and rhythms adapting them to your pauses, changing the tempo or tone. After recording you will be able to change the style and create various versions of the song. Another entertaining use of Songsmith is to create versions of classic songs, but with the backing created by the application.

  Try out Songsmith and have a great time creating peculiar songs with your voice.
Requirements and additional information:
During the installation it will download various components from the Internet. The trial version can only be used for 6 hours.
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Antony Peel
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