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Retro game lovers now have the chance to relive old times thanks to Sega Forever’s latest title for Android smartphones and tablets, Sonic CD Classic

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The 90s were a great time for videogames. The game consoles began to reach everyone's homes, which contributed to the popularization of this entertainment that had already flourished with titles like Mario Bros or Sonic. Now, the platform game Sonic CD Classic joins the classic games of Sega Forever which you can enjoy from your Android device.

Travel back in time and enjoy the game that brought us Amy Rose and Metal Sonic!

On this occasion, you will have to reunite the seven Time Stones to defeat evil Dr. Eggman and his terrible creation, Metal Sonic. Go through each of the intricate corners of the levels while collecting rings, using special powers and defeating a bunch of bugs to rescue Amy Rose. Besides, once you have won the game you will be able to unlock Miles “Tails” Prower and choose him as your playable character.

Sonic CD joins the SEGA Forever classic collection of games.

A remake with a lot of surprises

In this newly remastered version of the game, you not only will be able to choose between the American or Japanese sound tracks, but also to measure your strength in a world competition, play rounds against the clock, get different achievements and enjoy a lot of extras. You can save up to four different rounds and save your progress any time you want. Enjoy Sonic and his friends in full color in Android like never before.

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