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Sophos Free Encryption can easily encrypt your files to keep them always protected. Don't think about it twice and download Sophos Free Encryption for free

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The privacy of your files is essential if you want to keep them away from prying eyes. To be able to protect your files you can use Sophos Free Encryption, a complete encryption tool capable of working with all sorts of files.

Sophos Free Encryption is easy to use and rather quick in its purpose. It's a product capable of being used both in a professional as well as in a domestic environment. It will only take you a couple of minutes to create your own encrypted files due to the fact that the software doesn't involve any sort of complication. Without additional functions or strange options that could unsettle users, get hold of your files, drag them to the application and protect them with a password. As easy as that.

Quick and simple encryption for all your data.


  • Encypt all kinds of contents , whether texts, images, executable files...
  • Protect files with a password with a single click of the mouse by taking advantage of the context menu.
  • Compatible with many of the most common email clients, in such a way that you'll be able to encrypt them easily.
  • The encrypted files can be self executable, so that the recipient doesn't need additional software, only the password.

Quick and simple procedure

To be able to create encrypted files you have several options. One of them, and maybe the most comfortable, is the possibility to use “drag and drop”. Drag the files that you require to the interface of Sophos Free Encryption. Last of all, on the interface you'll have a couple of buttons aimed at importing files.

The only requirement for the recipient of the encrypted file is that he/she also needs to have the application installed, unless the file has been created as a self extracting file. After typing in the password, you'll be able to enjoy its contents.

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