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Do you need to unplug and relax for a while? SortPuz is a simple puzzle game featuring test tubes and liquids that we will have to sort according to color

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The puzzle game genre is one of the most common in mobile formats. There are all kinds of them, but sometimes we just need a simple experience in order to have a nice time and chill out. And that is just what the JoyPuz studio offers us here.

Put your logic to the test

SortPuz is a 2D puzzle game in which we have to sort colored liquids into test tubes. The objective is to keep the liquids separate in different tubes.

This is a very simple game where there is only one rule: we cannot pour liquid into a tube that is full or that has liquid of another color at the top. What's more, we just need one finger to play. All we have to do is tap on one tube to pick it up and on another to pour the liquid.

You have to sort the liquids by color and pour them into the tubes so that the colors match.

Thanks to its simplicity, it is an ideal puzzle game for all ages that invites us to think while we have a fun time. It also features a light and dark theme and some pretty cool sound effects. And as if that weren't enough, downloading the APK file is absolutely free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
6 months ago
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