Control the volume of all your programs open in Windows thanks to SoundVolumeView, being able to mute those that you don't want them to interrupt you

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How many programs do you usually have open at once on your Windows PC? And how many of them generate some kind of sound? Now, thanks to SoundVolumeView you can control their volume independently, even being able to mute them completely from a very intuitive and easy-to-use control panel.

Turn up or down any program's volume

Some time ago, Google Chrome introduced a similar function to control the audio of each open tab in our browser, but this development by Nirsoft goes way beyond browsing the Internet, being able to manage the sound of system notifications, email clients, video games and multimedia players, as well as hardware components such microphones or speakers.

General information and current volume of all the system's audio components.

Furthermore, it allows us to create customized audio profiles for certain tools. Thus, for instance, if we're using VLC to watch a movie on our computer, SoundVolumeView will know that it has to mute any other sound source so as not to disturb us. It's definitely a very useful program that can't be missing on our PC.

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