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Discover new music with Soundwave, finding out what others listen to. By downloading Soundwave you will get to know what's the in thing among your contacts

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What's the greatest hit at present? Who does everyone listen to? What songs do your friends like? Answer all these questions with Soundwave for Android.

Discover what music is the trend all over the world

Soundwave is an application that allows you to discover the most popular music at present. And to find out, the best way isn't turning to the hit lists or other rankings provided by the media or interested companies, but to check what people are listening to. Soundwave allows you to easily find out what is being listened to in your own street or all over the world.

Find out what music is fashionable in your neighbourhood or all over your continent.


  • Mark with a circle on the map the area in which you want to find out what music is the trend.
  • Immediately find out the music that your contacts are listening to and if people liked it or not.
  • Automatically identify the song you are listening to.
  • Share the songs that you listen to with other profiles, both on Soundwave and Facebook.
  • Find out what songs people have shared with you.
  • Establish your current favourite songs list.
  • Explore top liked and disliked charts.

Find out what your friends or favourite celebrities listen to

Just like the rest of users of the application, you can share the music you are listening to. Thus, your friends, family and any other person using Soundwave can know your music preferences. Likewise, you can get to know the music that anyone is listening to, from contacts to famous people, you will have access to a valuable tool to discover new music.

Don't think twice and download Soundwave to find out what songs are the rage.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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