Space Grunts Android


Solve the problems hidden on the moon base in Space Grunts facing up to all sorts of dangers and enemies such as robots, aliens or security drones

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A game that combines elements from turn-based games and action arcade titles. That's Space Grunts for you, an Android game that takes us to the moons of other planets on which the Earth Space Federation is building bases and where loads of problems are arising.

Become a problem solver in Space Force Grunts

You'll be part of one of the commandos sent to investigate and solve problems in these facilities. Your mission sounds easy but it will turn out to be quite complicated: find out how to get out of there and discover what's happened. You'll fight against aliens, robots, drones and the base's security system.

An action game in its purest form.

Throught the exploration you'll have to descend to the lowest levels of the bases, where you'll find different objects that will help you in your mission:

  • Consumer goods to reinforce your weapons, explosives, hacking tools and many more.
  • Different kinds of weapons.
  • Secret and strange places.

A very straightforward, old-school and action-packed game with huge pixels.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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