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Whether you addicted to your cell phone or simply want to limit your children's smartphone time, the SPACE app can help you control cell phone usage time

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Mobile addiction is a severe problem that has emerged in recent times. When one begins to think there is no life beyond our smartphone screen, it is time to seek help. Download the APK file of this tool and control or even limit cell phone usage time.

The best Android app to help you break your mobile addiction.

How to limit your cell phone usage

SPACE is a productivity app that helps users control cell phone time, making it an excellent tool to keep phone addiction at bay. To do this, it has a nice interface and several tools.

For starters, it shows average daily and weekly device use time. It also offers to compare your statistics with those of other average users, sorted by age, gender, profession, and country.

The opportunity to set and adjust your goals for time spent on your phone and the number of times you unlock your device.

On the other hand, this platform also invites users to fill out a questionnaire to determine what kind of user you are. Depending on the result, it will recommend a limited time of use per day and a certain number of device unlocks. You can make exceptions for specific apps.

SPACE has a concentration function that blocks notifications so they do not distract you for as long as you want. And it also has gamification elements, as it rewards you if you achieve your goals.

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