Spamihilator will get rid of the bothersome advertising that invades most people's email. Download Spamihilator free and get rid of SPAM from your mail

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If you have an email account, surely at some point in your life you have found your inbox full of junkmail, mostly unwanted advertising. Try a good anti-spam solution such as Spamihilator.
The only option that many email clients offer us is to mark these messages with the often inefficient junkmail option. Spamihilator is a lightweight application that incepts, in an efficient way, the unwanted mail keeping our electronic mail account free of spam. As a main advantage, Spamihilator hardly uses system resources, while integrating a wide array of options that will allow us to configure it to our own liking.

  How Spamihilator works is very simple. Once launched, it stays working minimized in the system tray, from where we will be able to access any of its tools: configuration options, recycle bin, show spam statistics and entertainment zone.

  Wipe out all that bothersome advertising that you receive in you electronic mail account, thanks to Spamihilator.
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Scott McLure
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