With SpamPal you can create rules and avoid receiving unwanted emails in your tray. Download SpamPal for free to detect and delete trash mail from your tray

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If you use a desktop email client, you will probably have the problem that when it comes to downloading your mail, the task takes rather long, and once it has finished you actually realize that it is simply SPAM, unwanted mail. This problem gets worse over time, at the beginning they are only a couple of emails, and you don't really notice, but after a while the can be more than a hundred a day. SpamPal detects these mails before they are downloaded to your computer and eliminates them to simplify your work.

  Many SPAM emails have preset patterns: they sell certain products or services, they link to certain websites, they try to deceive the recipient posing as someone with an important job in a well known company, ...

  SpamPal stays open in the system checking periodically if there are any new emails, and if it finds any, it compares them with its black list. The black list includes all the addresses, links and formats that it knows are SPAM. If SpamPal detects that one of these emails is on the black list, it automatically deletes it.

  Logically, these lists and other detection options can be edited by the user to configure the exact detection level required.
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