Spanglish is a practical application that will make it very easy to translate words. Download Spanglish and translate a word moving the mouse over it

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It may happen to us that when we are browsing the Internet we may find a word in English or in Spanish that we don't understand. When this happens we can always use Spanglish instead of having to resort to an online translator. How this application works is very simple, by simply moving our mouse over the word that we want to translate we'll be able to see the translation.

Web-focused translator

Once we launch the application, each time that we leave the mouse cursor on top of a word, Spanglish will show us the translation with all the possible meanings. It will also offer us the possibility to insert the word in a text box to carry out the translation.

Among the configuration parameters that it offers, we'll find the possibility to launch the application with the Windows startup, the amount of time that we'll have to wait for the translation to appear, or if we want to use the right mouse button to translate the word. It will also offer us the possibility to edit the dictionary to input new words.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download only works on Windows XP and earlier.
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Antony Peel
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