Spartan is a program designed to improve the features of the Windows clipboard. Download Spartan right now to have more space to work with on the clipboard

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The Windows clipboard has a problem from the user's point of view, and that is that it only allows you to copy one element at a time, thus restricting the copying of files, images and other contents.

Now, thanks to Spartan it will be possible to avoid these problems, because it activates a database to store contents as if it were the clipboard. Now all you will have to do is copy the contents and Spartan will save it in its database.

Copy all types of contents.

Thanks to its features, Spartan will allow you to save all kinds of elements, making it easier to copy files, Internet addresses, images and all kinds of information.

All these features offered by Spartan will make it easier for the user to know exactly when an element was added to the clipboard, as well as offering us the possibility to eliminate those that will no longer be necessary to use.

Another noteworthy aspect of Spartan is that it offers you the possibility to preview the image files that are copied on the clipboard, so that there is no kind of confusion before trying to copy an image.

Download Spartan to improve the clipboard's features.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to paste 200 elements.
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Antony Peel
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