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Do you record videos while talking on camera? The SpeechWay app offers us a teleprompter for reading text from the screen without having to memorize it

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You have to make a video while talking on camera, and the nightmare begins. Tons of out-takes, banners, wasted time... Now all those issues are a thing of the past because when we download this app's APK file, we will be able to make videos while talking naturally, thanks to its awesome teleprompter.

Talk to the camera in a completely natural way

SpeechWay is a video-making app that features a very practical teleprompter. This makes it an ideal app for influencers, vloggers, and other kinds of video content creators.

Classic teleprompter with mirroring.

To use the app, all we have to do is open it and create a text. We can write whatever we like or paste texts into a range of pages. Once we have created the text that we want to read on camera, all we have to do is press the blue button.

Next, a recording screen will open, from where we will be able to personalize text size, cue points, and video speed. In addition, there are three teleprompter modes: classic, camera, and widget.

From the tool menu, we will be able to configure all kinds of details, such as colors, fonts, and margins, along with other stuff. It works horizontally or vertically and even features a function for turning on the remote controller in order to control text remotely. In other words, it is a practical, useful, and very complete application.

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Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Yaroslav Kulinich
3 months ago
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