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SpeedBit Video Downloader downloads videos from portals like YouTube or Facebook. Download SpeedBit Video Downloader free and manage your favorite videos

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Each day we find more streaming multimedia contents on the Internet. The main advantage of this technology is that it allows the users to view multimedia contents without having to download any files to their computers. To show these contents it makes use of the famous Flash format.

  But this advantage of streaming contents can sometimes become a drawback, specially when we're interested in obtaining the complete file to store it on our hard drive or view it on another computer where we don't have an Internet connection.

  Do you need a tool that will allow you to download streaming multimedia contents from the Internet? A very interesting option is SpeedBit Video Downloader.

  SpeedBit Video Downloader is a free application that allows the user to download flash video streams. The process is very simple: play the flash video that you want to download, press the "Download video" button and save it directly in the directory of your choice on the hard drive.

  This application is compatible with the Flash video downloads from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion or Facebook.
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