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Speedtest is a web that performs speed tests on your Internet connection. Calculate the download and upload speed of your connection for free with Speedtest

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There are many web pages designed to measure the speed of our Internet connection. Make sure that yours works correctly and that your Internet provider is offering you the services you contracted thanks to Speedtest.

The most sophisticated bandwidth testing tool.

Speedtest.net is a webapp in charge of calculating your connection speed. As on all these sites, it downloads a file onto your computer or a nearby server and then uploads it once again to obtain the results. You can look up three important factors to verify if the network is working as it should:

  • Ping.
  • File download speed.
  • File upload speed.

The main advantages of Speedtest with regard to its competitors are the options it offers and its appealing interface, which is a really wise choice, as you can see in the screenshots.

It allows us to carry out tests on the closest servers or choose any other from around the world, to detect the Internet provider and the IP address, if offers automatic links to share the results... There is even an area for registered users where you can compare your test history.

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