SpeedyFox is a tool to improve the speed of the Firefox browser. Download SpeedyFox on your PC and multiply the speed at which Firefox starts up by three

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Firefox has becomes one of the most important browsers in the world thanks to its add-on system, its browsing speed and the tab system that makes it much easier to browse the Internet.

  The only problem about constantly using Firefox, is that it starts losing properties, stability and specially speed, so it becomes necessary to perform a general cleaning process with the aim of regaining that lost speed.

  SpeedyFox is a small application thanks to which we can provide Firefox with an extra touch of speed, after the cleaning that the program carries out, we'll be able to multiply the application's start up by three, improving the history management, and we'll be able to operate with the cookies much quicker.

  Furthermore, SpeedyFox has command line support.

  Don't wait any longer, and add extra speed to the most complete browser, thanks to SpeedyFox.
CrystalIDEA Software
3 months ago
3 months ago
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