Spiceworks is a tool that monitors the system comprehensively. Download Spiceworks free of charge and perform analyses on the computers of a network

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As a company grows, it gradually has more computers and becomes more and more difficult to carry out thorough and tidy monitoring processes on the computers. If this has happened in your company, what you need is a comprehensive system monitoring tool.

  Spiceworks is a great free monitoring application, developed for network managers, that performs several analyses on all the computers that are connected to the same LAN.

  Spiceworks is managed directly from the web browser, something that speeds thing up quite a lot and that makes its reports to be accompanied by a series of very useful graphics.

  The program performs a detailed diagnostic of the situation of each element that is part of the network, creating statistical reports about the amount of computers, the operating system in use, the programs installed, the use of memory, are just a few examples.

  To install it on our network we will need a computer with Windows Server or any professional version of Windows.

  A network monitor and manager that stands out due to its versatility and spirit.
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