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Spinning Blades is a classic format game in which you will have to be in control of a ship which destroys its enemies with blades which rotate around it

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The classic spaceship games in which we have to get rid of endless waves of enemies have stood the test of time well, and in fact we still find them in Android (much more elaborate than in its beginnings several decades ago).

Destroy your enemies with your blades

Spinning Blades is one of them and here we won't shoot at the ships that attack us but we will destroy them with our blade shield. This one spins at high speed and will protect us from being launched against us in suicide mode.

We will control our ship with our finger, sliding it over the screen and level after level the difficulty will increase: more enemies and more variety (some very hard to kill) and also scenarios where they can surprise us without us seeing them arrive). Fortunately, like any good ship game, we can improve our weapons and shields with powerups that we will collect as we go.

These are its main features:

  • Easy to play but difficult to control.
  • Hundreds of enemies, maps and obstacles to overcome.
  • Progressive difficulty.
  • Possibility to unlock skills and characters.
  • Dangerous final bosses.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.2.
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