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Download SpiralBound and use a comfortable notepad to organize all your information. SpiralBound allows you to pull out the pages to organize them properly

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SpiralBound is a simple notepad with some special features. It looks just like the typical physical spiral notepad and works just like it: you will be able to accumulate one note behind the other, and even to pull them out and place them separately. What's more, you will be able to change the color of the pages, or protect SpiralBound with a password.

  This notepad will allow you to organize the information in a better order, because you will be able to have the texts divided into pages, that can be in the same notepad or on separate pages. SpiralBound can be configured to your own liking: you can change the color of the pages, or the font that is used. It also has search and replace word functions, or you can even invert the direction of the writing.

  SpiralBound allows you to pull out pages so as to be able to have various visible at the same time, but it also you to place them in the notepad once again. And if you want to protect whatever you write to make sure that nobody reads it you can establish a password so that nobody can access your notes.

  Don't think about it twice and try SpiralBound, a practical spiral notepad.
Requirements and additional information:
In the trial version a watermark will appear on the pages after a certain amount of time.
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