Listening to music on Spotify had an inconvenience. Until the arrival of Spotifm you couldn't share your tastes. Do so by downloading Spotifm for free

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Spotify is already one of the favorite tools of all Internet users to enjoy music, thanks to its enormous database and to its simplicity of use. One of the biggest problems that this tool represents is the difficulty that exists to be able to share the personal playlists or to recommend a series of tracks to a friend.

Share the songs you listen to on Spotify

Spotifm is a tracker that will help us to easily share each of the songs that we listen to on Spotify with everyone. This application will publish each song that we listen to on, as well as creating a ranking with the most active users (number of songs published in the last 72 hours) or the 100 most popular songs of each day, month and year.

Then it will be possible to access the website and click on any song that someone has published at that moment, in such a way that by means of this system we will be able to share the music that we are listening to with practically anyone that has Spotify installed on your computer.

Live the “socialization” of one of the most ambitious music projects in history with Spotifm.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It is necessary to have Spotify and Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 installed to be able to use this tracker.
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Antony Peel
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