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1.6.5 Spotifree allows you to make the most of a free Spotify account without having to listen to bothersome adverts between songs. Mute them with this app
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If you're a user of Spotify's free version, you'll know how bothersome its adverts can turn out to be. To be able to avoid them you have the option to become a paid user or... to download Spotifree to just forget about them forever.

Enjoy Spotify for free and without adverts

This is an application capable of helping you to forget about those adverts that jump up every now and again. Although you can't get rid off them completely, you can mute them. Instead of the advert, you'll enjoy a pleasant silence in the time being... sometimes it's much better not to hear anything than all those annoying adverts.

Silence will take over your adverts.

The presence of Spotifree will go unnoticed as it runs in the background while you use Spotify without any other worries. You'll only know that it's doing its job when your speakers go silent instead of broadcasting a load of bothersome adverts.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Over a year ago
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