Spotify Ripper

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With Spotify Ripper you will be able to record music from Spotify. Download Spotify Ripper for free and enjoy your playlists whenever you want on your PC

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Spotify Ripper saves the songs from your playlists in MP3 format straight on the hard drive where you have Spotify installed.

  Spotify Ripper is a legal application, that's very easy to use. To be able to use it you'll have to copy the application to the folder where you have Spotify installed, create a playlist and follow the following steps:
- Launch Spotify and make sure that no song is being played.
- Run Spotify Ripper and activate the "Logg" box.
- Start the application by pressing "Hitta Spotify". When you do this, the following text should appear in the message log "Spotify hittat".
- Press "Rippa", and as soon as the application detects that Spotify is playing a song, it will start to rip it.
- To stop the application, press "Rippa" again.

  Spotify Ripper will rip each song from the playlist one by one. So just sit down and enjoy your favorite music!
Requirements and additional information:
Spotify Ripper isn't compatible with all sound cards and requires to have Spotify installed to work.
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