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Spotify brings its popular music streaming client to Linux. Although it isn't yet an official version, Spotify is considering supporting it in the future

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As couldn't have been otherwise, the popular music streaming service Spotify has ended up arriving on Linux, but as a project at Preview stage, therefore, it's still to see if it consolidates or not, however, in the meantime it's going to let us enjoy our favorite music.

Long-awaited on Linux.

It's now possible to have on Tux's platform a wide music catalog that includes over thirteen million songs offered by Spotify Linux Preview. Just like on other operating systems we'll be able to search for songs, create playlists or look up information about bands or singers.

Some of the most interesting features

  • Music playback for free or subject to different payment plans.
  • Ever-growing catalog made up by over thirteen million songs.
  • Creation of playlists.
  • Discover new music based on your preferences.
  • Synchronize it with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Its continuity is up to you

The continuity of this development isn't guaranteed. But the Swedish company has said that if it becomes popular and is used by enough users, it could end up being part of their catalog of stable applications with technical support, just like on any other platform. Therefore, it's up to you to carry on listening to your favorite music and discovering new songs without limitations or restrictions: download Spotify for Linux.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Although the project has been launched under Spotify's protection, it's a development without technical support. It could be withdrawn by the company without any prior notice.
  • You can access the service with your Facebook account or with your Spotify user account.
  • Spotify is available in the countries listed here.
  • The free version of Spotify lets you play any song or album without time limits.
  • Includes adverts.
  • Requires an Internet connection to complete the installation.
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