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SpotInside is a program that improves the Spotlight search system. Download SpotInside to be able to quickly find any file that you may need on your Mac

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SpotInside is an application that improved the power and search function of the Mac Spotlight tool. The Spotlight search system is really useful to find anything that you are looking for on your computer. But SpotInside greatly improves it.

  When you perform a search, it allows you to view the document in question, with the words that you have looked for highlighted inside the text. This will save us a lot of time, because we will not only have to open the document to check if it is what we are looking for. As well as viewing the archive, it also allows you to open the files and programs from SpotInside, so it quickly turn into a quick application launcher.

  What's more, by means of a button it also allows to check in the Google search engine. SpotInside is compatible with various formats: text files, PDF, Word, Pages or HTML. Furthermore, we will be able to organize all the searches into groups, so as to always have them available and located.

  Try SpotInside, and improves the search possibilities so as to be able to quickly and practically find anything.
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