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With Spundge you will receive Internet contents filtered and organised. Create your own notebooks and assign collaboration permissions with Spundge

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It is advisable to organise the avalanche of information that we receive on the Internet, and specially on social networks, to be able to absorb it. Spundge is a service that helps you to filter and select only those things that interest you.

Filter and organise all the information

Spundge tracks information on the web to provide you with only what you really need, presented in a neat and tidy manner in notebooks, organised by themes, events, people or any other structure you may need. Your notebooks will only include important contents and, therefore, you will save time reading news.


  • Creation of thematic notebooks.
  • Possibility to add RSS channels.
  • Possibility to enable collaboration permissions for other users.
  • Share notebooks.
  • Follow suggested notebooks.

Create notebooks with the help of other users

One of Spundge's innovations with regard to other similar services can be found in the possibility to create contents by just dragging text from other news to the editor. Our notebooks can also be collaborative, allowing other users to take part in them or share them with followers.

Sign up on Spundge and discover a much more efficient way to access the information you want.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a free sign-up.
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