SpyDefense is a tool to eliminate spyware from your computer. Download SpyDefense and prevent trojans, worms and spyware from attacking your computer

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SpyDefense is a security solution specialized in the elimination of spyware, small applications that are dedicated to capturing private information from a computer and sending it to companies or malicious users to use it against you.

  The application has two modes: one called “Express” for users with less computing knowledge, that has everything to analyze your computer and get rid of those threats that can put your privacy at stake, as well as another called “Advanced”, that can be totally customized by the user, to make the most of the tool's performance.

  The interface is rather appealing for a security application. It has a database and an analysis system capable of identifying thousands of trojans, spyware applications and worms that are spread over the Internet.

  If you were looking for a simple solution to remove all the spyware that moves around the network to reach your PC, we recommend that you start using SpyDefense.
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