SQL Server 2000 SP2

Reporting Services

By downloading SQL Server 2000 SP2 for free you will have the second pack of updates for SQL Server 2000. Improve its reliability with SQL Server 2000 SP2

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SQL Server 2000 is a really trustworthy application when referring to database servers, that's why the SP1 and this SQL Server 2000 SP2 are the finishing touch to an excellent product, repairing the problems that have been detected and adding new features that the market requires.

  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 stand out due to its reliability, performance, quality and ease of use. With SP1, new options to work with HTML files were included, and they way it treated PDF files was improved. With this SP2 it has been the Desktop Engine that has been refurbished, the duplication process and Analysis service have been improved, plus the DB-Library has been added, and SQL has been embedded for C.

  Thus, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is still as up to date as it could be, and must be taken into account.

SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services
is a server solution that will allow you to create, administrate and deliver reports both on paper or HTML format.

  Like in every Service Pack, SQL Server 2000 SP2 Reporting Services includes all the security patches that have appeared to the date, the new features and small improvements in usability and performance due to code improvements.

  It's important to take into account that once the database is updated with this SP2, it will no longer be compatible with older versions of Reporting Services prior to SP2.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have SQL Server 2000 installed.
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