for MySQL 3.0.9

SQLBalance is a tool to be able to synchronize a group of MySQL databases. Download SQLBalance for free today and improve the organization of your databases

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MySQL is one of the most powerful database systems within the reach of any user or company, that is usually used together with other web applications, business management applications and even all kinds of organizers.

  One of the problems that we can find when working with several installations of this kind of database, it that the databases aren't properly synchronized or we don't know which data have been added to one and the other, so it is advisable to use an application like SQLBalance, that allows us to compare the structure and tables of two different databases, mark the differences and synchronize the data of both of them.

  The program is capable of connecting to two different servers, something that can be rather handy if we want to transfer a lot of data from one place to another to have it synchronized, or also to perform the backups of the original database.

  Download SQLBalance and always keep your databases in order and well synchronized.
Requirements and additional information:
To use the program it is necessary to access a MySQL server. The trial version can be used for 15 days.
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Antony Peel
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