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With Stardock Tiles you can group windows and programs that you are using into different sections and easily alternate them, so now you know what to do

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Organizing all the programs that are running can come in very handy to make your daily work more dynamic. That's precisely what Stardock Tiles intends, an application capable of organizing these programs and making them accessible from the screen's border.

Keep track of the running applications with Stardock Tiles.


  • Quickly alternate between the programs in use with a simple click or mouse movement.
  • Easily force applications to close.
  • Compatible with touchscreens.
  • Adjust the “Tiles” from the bar. Choose their design, alignment, size...
  • Auto-hide function to avoid bothering the user.
  • Customize the taskbar to your own needs.
  • Use different pages for different kinds of programs or create your own.
  • Easily add a shortcut to any website.

Improve the your work's productivity

Basically, Stardock Tiles will allow you to organize applications and documents that are running in different “pages” or sections that are accessible with simple clicks and mouse movements. This makes alternating tasks very simple and highly productive.

Simply configure each page with the programs and applications that you want. Thanks to the customization options offered by Stardock Tiles you will be able to choose different behavior aspects for the program with total freedom, like for example, the space it has to occupy on the screen, its interaction with other windows or the page distribution.

Download Stardock Tiles for free, distribute the programs that you're using into different areas and access them easily to improve your workflow.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The free version has certain limitations.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Stardock Corporation
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