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StarOffice is the pay-to-use version of OpenOffice, an office suite that is very similar to Microsoft Office. Download StarOffice and try out its six tools

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StarOffice is the direct competitor of Microsoft Office as an office suite. The program has been developed by Sun Microsystems for many years, being the paid version of the open source project OpenOffice.

  The components of this office suite stand out due to the great development process that they have been through during the latest years, and they are divided into six main tools, that are:

  - Writer, a text processor that has nothing to envy of Word, and with which it is possible to create all kinds of professional documents, with the additional option of being able to export the resulting documents as PDF files.
- Calc, a powerful spreadsheet, that offers you all kinds of possibilities.
- Base, a database in which to store all our information, that makes use of the Adabas D system, offering rather better results than its free version.
- Impress, the application to be able to create presentations.
- Draw, to create data diagrams and charts.
- Math, a mathematic formula generator.

  Therefore, if you want an office suite that isn't Microsoft Office, and that will offer you complete technical support, download and try out StarOffice.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has certain limitations.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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