Present statistical information in an appealing way with StatPlanet. Create interactive maps in Flash format with infographics. Download StatPlanet for free

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You can also create interactive maps. StatPlanet is a tool that allows you to generate totally customized interactive maps that contain all kinds of infographic information with which you can provide the data with a new dimension.

Makes it easier to communicate and understand the information.


  • Create interactive maps with rich and dynamic infographics to show the data in an appealing and visual manner.
  • Use legends and all kinds of graphics: bars, evolution, coordinates...
  • Import your own data and statistics to customize your map. The software also offers specific data from official sources.
  • Ideal for any kind of organism and institution, from schools to government organisms or businesses.
  • Appealing and very accessible interface for users without any type of technical knowledge.

Contributing towards data compression

A flood of numbers and data is very difficult to understand. Nevertheless, its correct presentation by means of interactive thematic maps makes things a lot easier to read and understand. StatPlanet is a superb tool in this sense thanks to how easy it makes it to transform statistical information into a visual model without leaving aside the importance of the precision of numbers.

Download StatPlat to create your own interactive maps full of infographic information.

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