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SteamOS is the operating system of Valve's Steam Machine game console. By installing SteamOS on a PC we can share contents with our console via streaming

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Valve, owner of the Steam video game distribution platform, also owns Steam Machine, a video game console that runs on its own operating system. SteamOS, based on Linux, will be the operating system on which this console will run and that, once installed on a PC, will allow us to share contents via streaming.

The essential accessory for Steam Machine

SteamOS is based on Debian's core and optimized to run rather more like a media center than an ordinary operating system, therefore, you shouldn't think that it's going to replace your usual OS. Its main purpose is to allow us to connect a PC to Steam Machine via streaming so that we can make the most of Steam's games and other multimedia contents from wherever we are at home.

SteamOS has been conceived to work as a media center.


  • Streaming of games and multimedia contents.
  • Family Sharing function, the aim of which is to share games in a family setting.
  • Games organized by personal user libraries.
  • Storage of contents on the cloud.
  • Access to extensions and add-ons created by other users.

A clear domestic approach

SteamOS has a clear family approach, offers greater possibilities when it comes to sharing games and, for instance, allows us to play turn-based game at the same as other players. But it hasn't neglected contents organization, and that's why it's possible to organize them in personal user libraries, so that the titles of each play don't get mixed up with those of others.

Get hold of SteamOS and make the most of the possibilities of Steam Machine, the console that's expected to compete against PS4 and Xbox One.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • You have to follow the installation instructions indicated here.
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