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With Stereomood you can listen to the music that suits your mood or activity best. On Stereomood you will always find the music you fancy listening to

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Music usually goes along with our mood and it is also capable of magnifying it. If you are happy you can end up euphoric, and if you are sad you can go down in the utmost depression. If you are one of those people that like listening to the music that goes along with your mood you can resort to Stereomood.

The application that accurately offers you the music that you fancy at each moment.

Stereomood is a web application on which you can select the music to listen to depending on your mood or the activity you are carrying out at that moment. It's true that this isn't an innovation because there are already several applications that do the same... The innovating aspect is the great amount of moods that the music has been tagged with, providing an almost surgical accuracy when it comes to playing the music.


  • Write how you feel in the mood search box.
  • Receive suggestions for your mood.
  • Select random music.
  • Incorporate the songs to your mixes and favourites.
  • Access the iTunes and Amazon stores.
  • Share on social networks.

Access Stereomood and make sure that you always listen to the appropriate music.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Although Stereomood can be used without registration, if you sign up for free as a user, you can save your song and playlist settings.
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