Stickies for Windows

3.0.7 Stickies for Windows presents an alternative to the classic paper notes. Download Stickies for Windows for free and get hold of the new-era Post-It notes
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During the decade of the 80's, those small yellow adhesive pieces of paper known as Post-it notes, that we can currently find in all sizes and colors, became famous worldwide. Nowadays, computer users have at their reach other kinds of Post-it notes, that are less expensive and more ecological: digital desktop notes, thanks to utilities like Stickies for Windows.

  Stickies for Windows is a small utility that will solve our memory problems, because it allows us to create annotations and reminders on the Windows Desktop. Thus, we will always have our notes present when we turn the computer on.

  This application allows us to configure various options to our own liking, such as the color, the size or the transparency of our notes, and also the kind of font used. Another very useful option is the one that allows us to program notifications or alarms. Furthermore, it allows us to save our notes in RTF format, in such a way that we'll be able to keep them as a reference for a later date, even if we have already deleted them from our desktop.

  You won't lose your notes any more, with Stickies for Windows you'll find them where you left them: on your Windows Desktop.
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Antony Peel
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