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Stomp is an application that will allow you to change the size and resolution of a video to make it lighter. Download Stomp and easily convert your videos

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When it comes to converting a video, one of the most important aspects to be taken into account is the final size of the file, as it may be possible to lighten a file, making it much more practical, with a couple of simple modifications.

  Stomp is a video converter that not only is capable of adapting any file to a resolution or specific format, it also allows us to do so in such a way that the resulting file is as light as possible.

  When it comes to converting a video, one of the most important aspects to take into account is the size of the file, because it may happen that with a couple of simple modifications, it will be possible to make a file lighter, in such a way that it will be a lot more practical.

  The program has a collection of presets for various devices or streaming websites like Apple TV, iPhone, iPod and YouTube, it allows us to apply filters and crop files, and complete batch conversions.

  The interface is very simple and appealing, it has all the functions visible and a window in which we can preview the results of the changes that we apply to any video.

  If you are looking for an application with which to adapt your collection of audiovisual clips to any format, that will also allow you to decrease their final size, try Stomp.
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