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Stone Park is a fun and colorful Android simulation game where you will become the manager of a Stone Age-inspired theme park from your mobile device

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This game developed by the MegaFox studio combines two elements that are usually very popular with the public in general: dinosaurs and theme parks. Build your own prehistoric-inspired theme park and become a business and entertainment tycoon.

Start now your adventure as a prehistoric park manager!

Become a theme park tycoon

Stone Park is an incremental game (or idle) that gets the player into the Stone Age, which is fantastic since humans did not even coexist with dinosaurs. Moreover, some elements seem to be directly inspired by the Flintstones cartoon series, but let's forget about that and focus on this fun theme park building game.

Our mission as the manager of a brand new Jurassic theme park will be to manage all the details of its functioning, such as the size of the parking lot, the ticket prices, or the number of people who can stand in line. As we get resources, we will be able to invest them in improving every aspect of our park.

Also, we will have to spend money on building new attractions, buying new land, and launching marketing campaigns to attract new customers. The goal is to make as much money as we can in the shortest time possible. And, as most idle games, we can still get resources even if we are not playing.

Turn the boring life of a caveman into a wonderful, never-ending vacation, featuring the management of a theme park!

On the technical side, the three-dimensional graphics are great. The dinosaurs' design deserves a special mention, as it is evident that they were created with lots of attention to detail. The soundtrack is also very cool and takes us right into the prehistoric atmosphere. Maybe this game does not bring anything new to the genre, but it is still very fun.

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Manuel Sánchez
Manuel Sánchez
3 months ago
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