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The charms of the Stone Age await us in StoneAge World, a role-playing game for smartphones similar to Pokémon, but with fierce and friendly dinosaurs

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One of the most exploited themes in the movies is what would have happened if dinosaurs had come to live with men. This never happened, but this hilarious multiplayer role-playing game from the Netmarble studio tries to answer the question by offering us an original and very complete experience by turning us into dinosaur trainers.

Dive into a prehistoric world full of pet dinosaurs!

An MMORPG of dinosaurs in the open world

This colorful game is an open-world MMORPG set in a fairly modern version of prehistory. Our job will be to perform small tasks by walking from one point to another on the map, although our character will be able to move automatically.

Before starting our great adventure in StoneAge World and after downloading the APK file, we will have to choose one of the trainers and customize them to our liking. The next step is to select a village and start completing quests.

To complete most of the tasks we will have to fight or hunt dinosaurs. In this sense, it's pretty similar to the classic Pokémon games. The battles take place in turns. You can choose the attacks and special abilities of your character and their dinosaurs, or activate automatic combat and enjoy watching.

The screen for hunting dinosaurs is similar, but the actions available will be different. Above each one we will see a percentage, which indicates the possibilities we have of catching it. The trick is to hit the dinosaur you want to capture so that the number increases. Once we've caught it, it can join our fighting squad.

Tackle and capture rare prehistoric pets in the vast open world of Tectonika!

This is a cool role-playing game with lots of possibilities that offers hundreds of hours of fun. Plus, we can play with our friends, socialize, and take on players from all over the world. And, as if that wasn't enough, the graphics are great, and the character (and dinosaur) design is superb.

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