streamWriter is perfect for those music lovers that like following various radio broadcasts. Download streamWriter for free and enjoy any radio station

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Nowadays it is very common to listen to the radio by means of streaming technology from the Internet, but it can occur that you want to record what you are listening to at any given moment, and many of the programs that allow you to listen to the radio don't allow you to do so. For these cases you can use streamWriter, a lightweight and easy-to-use application.

Enjoy listening to the radio.


One of the best functions that streamWriter allows is to be able to record various streams at the same time. But as well as this, it offers other great options:

  • Record the music as MP3 or AAC files.
  • Listen to live music, even while recording.
  • Add other radio broadcasts that the program doesn't recognize.
  • Add ID3 identifiers to the created files.
  • Eliminate jingles...

Once a stream is recorded, you will be able to separate it into various songs based on the spaces in the sound, or manually. Another interesting feature is the possibility to be able to establish specific timetables for the recording of each broadcast so as to make sure you don't miss you favorite program.

Therefore, if you want to record different radio broadcasts at the same time, download streamWriter on your computer.

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