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Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile is a fighting game for iPhone in which we can make fighters from these 2 famous combat games battle it out against each other

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You definitely know that Street Fighter and Tekken are among the most important fighting games of all time. They both lived their moments of glory back in the 90s' and are considered as the best examples of this genre together with other great hits such as Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury or Virtua Fighter. We played them on loads of different platforms: PC, NES, Game Boy, Super Nintendo, SEGA consoles such as Mega Drive and Saturn, on the SNK Neo-Geo or on different arcade machines where many of us had our first contact with them (if you're a millennial you won't understand what I'm talking about).

The wet dream come true of any gamer from the 90s'

The video gamer from back then used to spend his pocket money on arcade machines, playing all those epic fighting game and, once he had used up all his budget, he even had time to hold intense discussions about if so-and-so could beat whats-his-name in a fight, even they belonged to different games.

Well, quite a few years later Capcom solved the problem with Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile, a crossover released in 2012 in which we could fight with characters from Street Fighter 2D and Tekken. Remember that the latter was a 3D game with loads of polygons that could be played on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, and also on Android, in APK format.

Ryu, Ken, Gile, Chun-Li up against Kazuya, Nina, King, Marduk and company.

Different game modes

As you know, these fighting games don't need too many explanations about ho to play: just choose your fighter and step down to the arena to start kicking and punching anything that moves. However, there are several ways to play:

  • Pandora story mode: a meteorite has crashed into the south pole bringing along the famous box, drawing the attention of both groups that will fight to get hold of it for different reasons.
  • Combats by pairs: here you can practice and fight with another online player. A great way of having fun in multiplayer mode. However, the pairs are established beforehand.
  • Training room: fight and practice solo or against another online player to help you improve your skills.

Furthermore, you can also make use of special locks such as Cross Rush and Cross Assault, techniques to execute combos and that work in combination with your chosen fight mate. We've also got a gem system that improves the actions and skills of each fighter.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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