StrongRecovery is a programme designed to recover files that have been eliminated by mistake. Download StrongRecovery to access your data once again

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If a computer is used a lot it isn't at all strange for us to end up losing data that we need due to a distraction, accident or electric error, and to be able to recover this data you can use multiple applications, one of which is StrongRecovery.

Two recovery tools in one

StrongRecovery is divided into two parts:

  1. Drive or partition recovery: includes a system that detects both internal as well as external storage units connected to the computer and offers the possibility to recover those that are damaged or that can't be read by the system.
  2. Data recovery: a tool that carefully analyses all the data that has been totally or partially eliminated from the hard drive, allowing the user to filter the data based on the type of file or location, so as to recover only those files that the user wants.

Thanks to these two tools, StrongRecovery can allow the user to recover almost all the files that have been eliminated, even though you have to remember that to carry out the latter it's necessary to have the program installed before hand or to install it on another drive, because on the contrary that the data will possibly be overwritten.

Download StrongRecovery to recover data eliminated by mistake.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to scan the hard drive not to recover the files.
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