StumbleUpon is an add-on for Firefox that opens pages with interesting contents. Click on the Stumble! button and discover websites from all over the world

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StumbleUpon offers us the easiest way to browse the Internet. You only have to click on a button to start opening websites with all sorts of interesting contents: videos, articles, tables, images, etc.

StumbleUpon: a much more interesting world.

How it works

StumbleUpon is an online service in which the users indicate what pages they like, and based on those interests, they are shown other webs that may also be of their liking. With the StumbleUpon add-on, you will only have to click on its icon to starting opening pages.

Furthermore, we can also indicate if we like the pages that have been opened. We can also share them with our friends on Facebook and Twitter, and create lists with our favorite website. StumbleUpon allows us to know which users also like a certain webpage, or browse different categories.

With StumbleUpon you will really be able to browse the Internet and discover a large amount of interesting contents that otherwise would remain hidden.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to have a StumbleUpon account or to create it to be able to use the toolbar.
  • Requires Firefox 1.0 or above.
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