Style XP Men


Style XP Men will allow you to customize your copy of Windows XP and use new cursors and wallpapers. Download Style XP Men and try out its different themes

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One of the factors that encouraged Windows XP sales, was how it changed in comparison with it predecessors. For the first time, Windows advanced in this aspect, even though many people needed more. Installing Style XP Men is a way of accomplishing a more thorough improvement for the system, by providing it with a more eye-catching and elegant aspect that the one provided by default with the system.

  With a collection of new themes to apply to Windows, well-developed cursors and quite a few details that denote quality, Style XP Men will highlight many options that can optimize the Windows appearance. New cursors, better themes, exclusive desktop wallpapers and other customizations that are a lot more complex, like the boot screen personalization or the system transparencies.

  All the customizations that Style XP Men allows can be undone and are perfectly accessible from the program's interface, where we'll find an enormous list of fields that this software will allow us to customize to change the general aspect of our Windows system.
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