Sudoku Mania


Enjoy your favourite pastime, download Sudoku Mania for free, a game based on sudokus. Sudoku Mania includes an editor to create customised sudokus

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Sudoku Mania is a sudoku game that, as well as offering you some boards to play on, also allows you to create your own customised sudokus. You will have plenty of sudokus to complete in your spare time!

Also available for mobiles and PDAs.

The game includes a wide range of sudokus with different amounts of squares and also allows you to combine numbers, letters and even images. Print them out on paper to be able to take them with you wherever you go.

Features of Sudoku Mania

  • Play sudokus or create your own sudoku boards in XML.
  • Different sudoku styles: samurai, hyper or jigsaw sudokus.
  • Several difficulty levels.
  • Play with diagonals.
  • Compatible with themes and extensions.

Train your perception capacity with this successful pastime, download Sudoku Mania! free of charge.

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