Save and store your files and folders on the cloud by downloading SugarSync for free, an online storage service that offers up to 5 GB of free storage space

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Having a copy of all your files and folders on the cloud is a growing solution thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet. SugarSync is precisely capable of storing content on the web and making them accessible from any connection point, including mobile telephones. You will be able to enjoy all your files anywhere.

Access your files on the cloud

The free version of SugarSync will allow you to save up to 5 GB. How it works is very simple: simply select the folders and contents that you want to upload to the service and access them wherever you are as long as you have a connection available. This will allow you to use your files in any context, being a good way to create backups.

You will be able to share these contents between various computers. SugarSync detects when a change in any of these files takes place and updates the contents on any computer connected to the service, even though it saves some earlier copies to avoid unfortunate data loss. Your data will be safe thanks to the 128-bit AES encryption used by the SugarSync servers.

Download SugarSync for free, it's an efficient way to maintain all your important files accessible no matter where you are. Use it to improve the flow of your collaborative projects or to easily share files with your contacts.

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