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Sun PDF Import Extension is a plug-in that allows you to open and view PDF files with OpenOffice. Download and install Sun PDF Import Extension for free

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Sun PDF Import Extension is a plug-in for the OpenOffice open source office suite, that will allow you to open and modify files in PDF format. The usefulness of this tool lies on the fact that you will no longer have to resort to an external program to modify a PDF file when you work with your favorite word processor.

  Once you have installed Sun PDF Import Extension, OpenOffice will be able to open any PDF file, and it will be possible to modify it by means of different tools. What Sun PDF Import Extension does is import the PDF and open it with Draw, the vector graphs editor that forms part of OpenOffice. By means of this tool, you'll be able to change the text, insert charts or eliminate part of the text.

  Once you have the document with the changes that you want, Sun PDF Import Extension allows you to export it to the ODF (Open Document Format) format, or to a hybrid PDF, which is a PDF that includes the ODF format, so that you will be able to open it with OpenOffice.

  Expand the possibilities offered by OpenOffice with Sun PDF Import Extension.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have OpenOffice installed.
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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