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7.1 Download Sun Times for free, a program developed for meteorology fans. Compare measurements from all over Earth in search of information with Sun Times
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Even though its name may make you think otherwise, Sun Times doesn't only show data about the sun and the time of the day, this software is a complete weather data analyzer that shows a world map displaying a graphic representation, that we will be able to study.

All the weather, on your desktop

Although we'll be able to know the time that the sun will rise and set, we will also be able to check history charts for rainfalls, demographic maps, temperatures,... what's more, it doesn't only look towards Earth. Sun Times offers information about the next eclipses, when asteroids will be viewable and the position of different constellations. To sum up, a really complete tool for those people that want to enjoy the sky and analyze the climate.

Despite having dozens of options in its menus, the application is very intuitive, because each option activates a specific map or the visualization of certain data. And the maps that it shows are very elaborate. Furthermore, Sun Times offers you the possibility to check the local data for all the cities it includes in its database.

If you want to be buried under thousands of data, discover a few peculiar facts, or if you're especially interested in meteorology, you'll definitely enjoy Sun Time.

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Antony Peel
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